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 Kingdom Life

Discipleship Communities 

Kingdom Life Discipleship Communities, is a ministerial network composed of apostolic and prophetic ministries that God has raised up in these times.

The local congregation of Living Waters was established in January of 2000 and we have seen God's hand of Grace and favor upon our lives.

The essential focus of our purpose is that the Image of Christ is restored and multiplied through His Body, (the Church), in this manner, radiating His glory in the nations, by manifesting Christ to extend His Kingdom.

Discipleship Communities:

How we plan to make these disciples, by establishing discipleship Communities, which is considered relational discipleship. These communities made up of disciples are small, healthy, and loving groups who have the same desire to follow the teachings of Christ and be discipled. These groups are focused on learning and growing together, developing relationships with other disciples of Christ, realizing that believers grow better together.

These Discipleship Communities have a mandate to disciple the believer. Each community has a leader, who has also been discipled themselves with our discipleship program. This program is a systematic program that will help the believer learn the disciplines they will need to become a disciple of Christ and the teachings that will help them form the character of Christ in their lives, which in turn will help them fulfill their God-given purpose within the Body of Christ. Our motto for these communities are:

Being before Doing

Character before Charisma

Matureness before Ministry

KLIMB is distinguished for being a multilingual and multicultural association that promotes Christ-Central transparent relationships initiated and established by the Holy Spirit. Based on genuine friendships, we collaborate together in order to facilitate ministerial resources to leaders, their congregations, and ministries, as an end result, to reach greater levels of effectiveness and fructification in its spheres of influence.

If you are interested in a local congregation with the sole purpose of edifying and equipping the saints with the Gospel of Grace and Truth, then we want to encourage you to visit our website regularly since the content is updated continually.

We encourage you not to run the race by yourself, but that you unite, in order to carry out His purpose, to build His Church, and to extend His Kingdom for His glory.

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